Here at Waran our goal is to break language barriers. Wij richten ons op de gevoelige verschillen tussen Japanese en Western cultuur. Diensten omvatten vertalen, tolk, Japanse lessen , en inzicht in de Japanse cultuur. Ik kijk uit om u te kunnen helpen.

"The limits of my language are the limits of my world." ‒ Ludwig Wittgenstein



We offer Japanese ⇔ English translations. Let's break the barrier that is preventing you from communicating effectively.


Don't speak the language? No problem we can offer you simultaneous interpretation tailored to your needs.


Want to learn Japanese or English? Enquire for private lessons today. You'll be speaking in no time with personal attention.


You can consult us regarding any cultural questions or problems you may have. We will help work out the differences together.


The prices below are subject to change based on the difficulty or length of service required. Services that require travel will be at your expense. You can also request a quote by using the contact form below on this page.

Source Target Price Minimum
Japans Engels €0.15 / word €20.-
Engels Japans €0.20 / word €20.-
Nederlands Japans €0.20 / word €20.-
1 Hour €100.-
Partial Day €300.-
1 Day €500.-
Package Price Location
Japanese Tutoring €25 / hour Discussable
JLPT Tutoring €30 / hour Discussable
Beginner Japanese €40 / hour Discussable


Mocht u vragen hebben? Aarzel niet. Neem contact met mij op.

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